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Paneer Long Latta

Ker Sanger

Rajasthani Dal

Matar Bati

Dry Fruit Bati


Made With Flour, Jiggery Or Sugar And Ghee.

Jodhpuri Gatta Curry

Kadhi Mangodi

Hara Choliya


Cottage Cheese Manchurian

Manchurian Roundels Made Of Paneer, Coriander and Chopped Green Chilly, Served With Manchurian Sauce.

Ginger Fried Rice

Steamed Rice Stir Fried with Capsicum Beans and Seasoning.

Pan Fried Hakka Noodles

Boiled Noodles Tossed With Exotic Veg. On High Flame.

Broccoli and Baby Corn Szechuan

Broccoli, Baby Corn & Assorted Papers with Szechuan Sauce.

Spiced Chilly Potatoes

Finger Potatoes Spicy Touch.

Vegetable in Thai green curry

Assorted English vegetables in Thai Green Sauce.

Jasmine Rice

Thai Flavored Rice.
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