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Pasta Counters with 3 type of Sauce Live Pasta Boiling

Three Types of pasta and sauce a complements: Assorted Peppers, Corn, Broccoli, Zukni, olives, Chilly Flaks, basil, oregano, cheese Assorted Breads.

Risotto Live Counter

Italian Rice with vegetables.

Veg. Lasagna

Assorted vegetables layered with cheese & lasagna sheet.


Falafel Pita with Humus Tahini

Chick Peas Petty with Humus.

Lebanese Cheese shworma with Pita Bread Sour Cream, Harisa Sauce

Marinated cottage cheese Shworma with Lebanese Salad & sauce .


Vegetable and Goat Cheese Enchiladas

Corn Tortilla Stuffed with Vegetable, Beans and Baked with Cheese. Mexican Red Spicy Bean Red Beans or Rajma Cooked With Seasoning and Tomato Sauce.

Mexican Rice

Stir Fried Rice with Soak and Cook Beans, Onion, Pepper and Garlic Paste.

Cottage Cheese Bandrias

Cottage Cheese marinated Sticks Grills.
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