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Hare Masalaye Ka Bhuna Paneer

(One Bite is all it Needs To Enjoy The Melt-in-the Mouth.Paneer Dpped in Coriander-Mint Gram Flour Mariante and Soft Grilled.)

Nilgari Paneer Tikka with ShaslikPaneer Tikka Malai

(Cubes of Cottage Cheese with Capsicum and Tomato.Marinate and Soft Grilled)

Stuffed Potato Barrels

(Barrel Shaped Kebab Culled From Potatoes Mashed With Herbs, Filled With Vegetables, Raisins And Nuts,Made Golden In Char - Grilled On a Skewer.)

Char Cooked Pineapple Tikka

(Pieces of Fresh Pine Apple,Brushed with Buttery Fresh Ginger and Brown Sugar Paste and Indian Spices Cooked in Char-Griled on Skewer.)

Veg. Saute Chap

(Red Soya Bean Chap Marinated in Yogurt with Indian Herbs.)

Veg. Seekh Kabab

(These Delicious Aromatic Vegetarian Seekh Kebabs are Golden Crispy Brown on the Outside with a Soft Texture on the inside.)

Tandoori Phool Tikka

(Cauliflower Florets Flavoured with Mustard Seed and Pickling Spices Cooked.)

Tandoori Aachari Aloo

(Cubes Of Fried Potato Flavored With Mustard Seed And Pickling Spices Cooked In Char-Grilled on Skewer.)

International Tadka

Schzewan Chilli Paneer

(Battered Fried Cottage Cheese Tossed With Imported Red ,Green Yellow Capsicum Schzewan Style.)

Chilli Honey Potato

(Battered Fried Shredded Potato Tossed with Imported Red and Yellow Capsicum.)

Thai Spring Roll

(Deep Fried Corn Flour Sheet Stuffed with Vegetables and Served with Sweet Chilly Sauce in Short Glasses.)

Tempura Salt & Pepper

(Crispy Fried Exotic Vegetables Tossed With Oriental Herbs And Seasoning & Serve with Chilly Mayo.)

Singapuri Cauliflower

(Crispy Fried Cauliflower Toosed with Chilly Soya Sauce.)

Veg. Manchurian Pops

(Deep Fried Balls Of Exotic Veg.Tossed with Chopped, Capsicum, Spring Onion & Chili Soya Sauce.)

Corn Cheese Fritters

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