Silver Menus


(Broccoli Almond Soup)
(Cream of Tomato)


Fresh Garden Green Salad

(Seasonal Fresh Salad Cut Live Sliced On the Bed Of Ice And Served With Dressing Of Your Choice)

Aloo Chat

(Boiled Potato Cut In Small Size Tossed In Indian Spices And Lemon Juice.)

Three Bean Salad

(Three Types Of Beans Boiled And Tossed In Lemon Juice.)

Cool Creamy Potato Salad

(Half Round Potatoes Seasoned With Cider Vinegar,Onion , Celery And Chives, Tossed With Mayonnaise.)

Mattar Chana Chaat

(Green Peas,Chopped Onion ,Green Chilies & Tomatoes Finished With Tangy Mint Chutney.)

Pasta Salad

(Pasta With Thousand Island Dressing)

Exotic Veggies Bouquet

(Asparagus,Baby Corn,Beans,Baby Carrots And Bell Peppers Tossed In Garlic And Topped With Cream Cheese)

Russian Salad

(Mixed Boiled Vegetables With Cream And Seasoning)

Greek Salad

(Feta Cheese, Crispy Lettuce, Bell Pepper,Onion And Tomato With Oregano Herb Dressing)

Melon And Papaya In Honey And Ginger Dressing

(Cube Of Melon And Juliennes Of Raw Papaya In A Special Dressing)

Kiamichi Salad

(Chinese Cabbage In Chilli Paste, Tomato Ketchup And Vinegar)

Glass Noodle Salad

(Glass Noodles Marinate In Venerate Dressing)


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