Silver Menus


Tomato Stuffed

(Fried Skin Tomato,Stuffed With Cheese & Dry Fruits,Cooked Into Yellow Wok.)

Karela Stuffed

(Karela is Stuffed With Sauteed Spicy Onion and Then Pan-Fried.)

Arbi Masala Fry

(Boiled Arum Stir Fried in Tomato Masala)

Baigan Small Size

Shimla Mirch Stuffed

Rajasthani Gatta

Bhindi Masala

(Okara Cooked With Tomatoes Ginger And Shallots)

Methi Aloo

(Boiled Fenugreek and Potato Stir Fried With Yogurt And Seasoning.)

Delhi 6 Aloo Ki Subzi With Bedimi Poori


(Puffed Up Unleavened Indian Wheat Bread.)

Dal Arhar Tadka

(Populary Known As Dal Fry At The Road Side Dhaba.This Is Arhar Lentils, Tempered In Butter With Your Choice Of Ingredients. Including Onion Garlic,Whole Red Chilies,Cumin Curry Chilies,Gnger Tomatoes,Mustard Seed Or Asafetida.
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