About Us

You have an event planned for you. Various jobs are handed out to different people. You have decided whether to hold the event. Indoor or outdoors, and have accordingly arranged for a tent house. You have planned out every detail which is importan to the event's success. What about the most important aspect of any event-food and drinks.
You can't let out the job to any and everyone. Food and drink is the single aspect of any event which leaves your guests with a lasting impression - you would not want your event for negative reasons, would you? Someone with proper sense of the business is required. You require someone who is adept at handling and "catering" to the people.
This is where Kadimi steps in to take the tension off your head and provide you with excellence catering services to your guests. Well remembered for a long time to come. Kadimi Caterers is backed by decades of experience catering to people's palate. We sure know how to make your guests feel special.
Catering is an art, and for us, it starts right with catering to you, our customer. When you choose Kadimi Caterers, you choose professionals who are adept at handling any type of requirement. Be it a marriage event or an office party, we have been there.
We offer a variety of items you can chose from to have in your event. We offer discounted packages consisting of a mix of everything as well as immense customization in the form of letting you choose your items.
We offer exclusive sweet stalls, mocktail stalls, fruit stalls, snacks stalls and chat stalls apart from the normal food stalls.
Attention to details is what differentiates Kadimi. We take care that our stalls are in sync with your tent/ event theme and do not appear as an outsourced unit been placed in a corner. Our stalls gel with the look and feel of your event and enhance the appearance.
Handing out your catering to Kadimi will not cost you much as we offer one of the best rates in the business.

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